Friday, March 2, 2012

Perplexus 3D Puzzles

Perplexus 3D Puzzles are unique, educational, and fun kid's toys for ages 4 and up. These puzzles are unlike any because they provide a 3-dimentional way to solve puzzles and mazes.

There are three types of Perplexus puzzles based on the age of the child. The Perplexus Rookie is for children ages 4 and up; the Perplexus Original is for children 6 and up; and the Perplexus Epic is for children 8 and up.

The Perplexus 3D maze games is designed with different types of obstacles and paths which you maneuver using a steel marble from start to finish. The whole 3D puzzle is enclosed in a transparent plastic sphere through which you maneuver to solve the puzzle.

It's great for children to help them improve their hand-eye coordination, motor and dexterity skills. I've tried all the 3 types of 3D Perplexus puzzles and they can get addictive to solve. For a more in-depth look, you can check my Perplexus 3D Maze Games Review. In the meantime, check this short video to see the Perplexus in action.

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